Monday, February 7, 2011

Potty training, Anniversaries, and baby news.

HI friends.

Today, I've started potty training. Yeah, why only now?!?!? My daughter is 3 and I'm suppose to have her potty trained already. Anyways, I'm sick of excuses so I'm not gonna go there. So, this is just day one! Oi, so last night we're dealing with a catastrophe. So, she decided to POOP in her diaper last night after I've JUST changed her seconds before. Well, lets just say we ran out of diapers. She is the one that goes into her dresser to grab diapers and I don't know why I didn't check - but she ran out! We were coming up with all different kinds of things to do. We were coming up with: using my husbands grandma's depends with duct tape, or driving almost 1 hour just to hit safeway. All our shops inbetween are closed. Ugh, the agony! Thankfully, because I put diapers in my purses - I dug through all my old bags and BAM there were 1 diaper, and 1 pull up. But, I have her in little girls undies right now with a 30-60minutes gap in between potty time!

Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary. Doesn't seem like much and people psh me about it but to tell you the truth it MEANS something to me so SHUDDUP. haha.

Also, today we're celebrating my sons' 1 month since he's been born. Gosh, time has flown hasn't it. It's kinda sad. I want my baby to stay a baby.

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