Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet My Family.

This our beautiful little girl. Her name is Taty ♥. She just made 3. And boy is she a handful. But, I love her to pieces under any circumstances. She may throw her tantrums, smile just to make me weak but I tell you - this little girl, makes mama proud. She loves her princesses (from Disney) but she loves Toy Story the most. She has watched ALL the Toy Story's videos and she owns 'em all. My goodness. This halloween all she wanted to be was either Buzz Lightyear or Woody. I was gonna at least let her wear Jessie but it didn't come with everything and I would have to purchase MORE for the costume than the costume itself. Lame. But I should've. It's okay she was a beautiful spidergirl. That was just as good. She's growing up way too quicky and I'm slowly asking myself to calm down my own life just to enjoy my children grow up. Argh. I love you baby girl. You were the best thing that ever happened to us.

I married my best friend guys. He's the love of my life, the father of my children, and part of the reason I wake up in the morning. Well, I have to because monday thru friday I'm making his breakfast and lunch and to prepare him for his day. Koof. I love him tho. Husband is into cars; mostly jeeps, music, magazines (my house is trashed w/em and for some odd reason he remembers that he has them because once I try to throw them away - he asks me if I seen them - FAILURE). He's a very good provider, and just an all around good husband and father. He knows that I'd do anything for him. That's why sometimes we take advantage of the ones we love. I'm sorry baby boo, I know I have the ability to do that. I love you but. "you're born with a head full of dreams and only one life so you gotta choose and I choose you". YOu betchya. It's us against the world love.

If I ruled the world - I would be where President Obama is. Psh, yeah you don't see me in the white house - so you know I wouldn't rule the world. Well, I'm a mother, daughter, wife, sister, granddaughter and greatgranddaughter. Oh and step-daughter too. The world use to revolve around me until my daughter was born. I'm the only child; so you know I'm spoiled rotten. Maui will always be my home. And, I've been homesick especially during the holidays. Ugh. But, I'm very family oriented so I know it'll be a matter of time until I'm back. my husband & I is expecting our first son either the ending of 2010 or the beginning of 2011. Yey. Super excited. I love photography, music, movies and lots and lots of TV. I'm addicted to Disney Channel, LMN, and Discovery Health. I like to read. It's my favorite. My photography comes first tho. Then, I'm also a vivid penpaller. I love to write old fashionly! lol. Oh that's so not a word.

Again, we're expecting our baby. So, his story will come soon!!!

Thanks for meeting my family (=