Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Potty Training : Day 7

Yes! My BIG baby has made it thru the week. Wow. But, she's still needed diapers in public and when she goes to bed. I think those will have to just wait. But anyways, she has already peed in public. Last night at walmart. Ugh, it pissed me off because she HAD her diaper on and she couldn't pee if she really had to go! But, of course, we're teaching her to go to the bathroom right? Ugh.

Anyways! Potty training has been a success for both PEE and POO. Which is awesome. She's been loving using her own cloth panties NO more diapers is the thing.

My little girl isn't a baby anymore. That's for sure. She's growing up too fast and I'm having a hard time swallowing that. But, they all gotta grow sometime. She's miss independent in HER world. She's guaranteed used this time as a way to set her thrown.

Baby boy's updates:
He's really good. I don't know if I posted but on the 10th he had a doctors appointment and he weighs now at 8lbs 10oz. Ugh, that too - he's all grown up! =( I don't like it when my kids grow up too fast. Boohoo. And, it's hard to enjoy them when they're just NOT enough hours in a day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Potty Train (Day4/5)

I ain't going to lie. Potty training is the biggest part of my childs life that I wish I could avoid. But if I did, then she'll be wearing diapers all her life. Every child NEEDS to be potty trained and sadly I waited too long. I use to joke around with my sister in law about training her son really early. She trained him at 7-8 mos and hello little boy is still wearing diapers and they're almost 4. My daughter & nephew is just months apart. But, I hate it (!) potty training. I'm trying everything and this is a journey I dislike the most.

I've used the binky on my children, I've taken away her bottle when she was a year old, and her binky when she was 9 months old. Cold turkey. But potty training is just something that takes even MORE patience than I thought. 

I swear sometimes it's just so frustrating. I want her to go in public and tell me she has to use the toilet. So, yesterday (day4) she has this tendency to hang out in her grandma's room which is right next to ours and she'll just play and play and play and play and do #2 in her panties. Like, c'mon child.

Yesterday, I put her favorite tinkerbell stool in the front of the "big potty" so that she could have an easier time using it without my help climbing on. Well, she decides that she wants to "play", so I thought and it seemed, because she'd go on literally every 10 minutes. So, i'm get upset and I ask her what she's doing and she said "using toilet, mommy, make shishi" okay so I'm letting her go until the 7 or 8th time she's doing this... Then, after all that time hours later she poops in her panties. Like, OMG are you frickin kidding me. 

The other day, she successfully POOPED in the potty. She's also got "morning" pee time down. But, other than that. #2 just takes time, REMIND YOU!!!

Okay, now we're on Day 5. We'll see how this day plays out. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Potty training, Anniversaries, and baby news.

HI friends.

Today, I've started potty training. Yeah, why only now?!?!? My daughter is 3 and I'm suppose to have her potty trained already. Anyways, I'm sick of excuses so I'm not gonna go there. So, this is just day one! Oi, so last night we're dealing with a catastrophe. So, she decided to POOP in her diaper last night after I've JUST changed her seconds before. Well, lets just say we ran out of diapers. She is the one that goes into her dresser to grab diapers and I don't know why I didn't check - but she ran out! We were coming up with all different kinds of things to do. We were coming up with: using my husbands grandma's depends with duct tape, or driving almost 1 hour just to hit safeway. All our shops inbetween are closed. Ugh, the agony! Thankfully, because I put diapers in my purses - I dug through all my old bags and BAM there were 1 diaper, and 1 pull up. But, I have her in little girls undies right now with a 30-60minutes gap in between potty time!

Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary. Doesn't seem like much and people psh me about it but to tell you the truth it MEANS something to me so SHUDDUP. haha.

Also, today we're celebrating my sons' 1 month since he's been born. Gosh, time has flown hasn't it. It's kinda sad. I want my baby to stay a baby.