Sunday, January 30, 2011

New life, different reaction

hey friends.

Awe. Sometimes I think why'd I create this I have yet for it to have a "purpose". Herlovenhim is my main squeeze if you haven't noticed - but I'm loving this for maybe just my family thing. I don't know yet. But anyways, so I did a minor post on my other account about my daughter & son.

Okay, so my daughter has several issues - she doesn't want to sleep. I've heard stores like girls have a tendancy to NOT want to sleep right away because they have a fear as if they're gonna miss something. Like, OMG are you serious what would they miss. My daughter has always been that type of baby - she'd sleep but she'd fight her sleep especially when it was bedtime. Gaw. And, it's hard to get her to nap or even go to bed early.

Bed isn't the only issue. It's potty trainning too. She thinks because her brother is using diapers - why can't she? Omg. Yes, it's getting on my nerves but it takes practice. It's hard for me because she #1 - lies and #2 she doesn't want to tell. I don't know what to do really. I mean, I've googled ways or even hear stories from other moms online but let me tell you I've tried that, now what? Some people had it easier. Why is my daughter more-so difficult? Sheesh.

I always remind myself that this is temporary. But sometimes, I'm convinced otherwise. C'mon! I've disciplined. I can't take anything else away from her because there isn't anything else that she fancies that'll MEAN a great deal. I took away her portable DVD player, she can't watch TV, hate to say it - taken away FOODS that she loves (i'm gradually giving it back), books that she loves to borrow from the library, her favorite pillow (i'm beginning to think that i'm taking away her "security" part of that pillow). Ugh, what else?

Daughter troubles. Tell me, this is normal.

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  1. Oh it's normal my friend, don't worry!
    Lovely blog! I look forward to coming back & getting to know a little more about you :)